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Roofers Bristol – Your Expert Service for All Apsects of Roofing

If you have ever needed roofing work on your property, you will know that finding a trustworthy and reliable contractor can be tiresome. Our company wants to change that sinking feeling by providing a service that creates confidence and reassurance at every step. Roofing isnt difficult when performed by industry expert roofers. But left in the hand of amateurs it can be a problem.

If you want expertise, you’ve landed in the right place – if you want a quality and professional industry contractor that has years of experience and a reliable first class service – Call us today – We aim to deliver the roof replacement or roof repair that your property needs, with a minimum of fuss and at the affordable prices you deserve.


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Roofing Contractors in Bristol


Bristol Roofers

 When You Need a Reliable Roof over Your Head 

Is finding trustworthy and experienced roofers in Bristol providing to be a challenge? Maybe you don’t know where to start in regard to roofing services. You don’t whether you should repair or replace the entire roof. Or perhaps you aren’t sure if a roofer is qualified to undertake the chimney refurbishment?

Roofers Bristol UK provides an array of services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients/customers. We are a local family owned business that has a presence in the city and beyond and is always growing to cater for all your roofing needs. Founded more than 20 years ago, we have delivered satisfactory service to our clients and this has made us one of the reputable companies in the region. 

Our mantra is to always deliver exceptional customer service, quality products, and technical excellence. Our skilled roofers are not only competent and dedicated but also accredited by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC). You get a guarantee on any work they undertake however little it may seem. Our roofing contractors derive pleasure by seeing a customer or client happy and fully satisfied.

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Our Mission Is Roofing Perfection

Our Expert Roofing Contractors aim to deliver excellence every time

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Exceptional Quality, Affordable Service

We have skilled experienced Roofers. Get the job done right first time

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Your Valuable Time is Important 

We aim to be punctual every time. We communicate with our customers 

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Roof Repair in Bristol

As a property owner, you will be required to undertake some form of repair at some point. The soffit may have corroded or rotted, the fascia may have become weak due to extended exposure to the elements, or you need the tiles on the ridge or underlayment repaired. We undertake any kind of roofing repairs so as to return the roof back to its earlier glory. We first begin by analysing the problem, the extent of damage, and then offer you the best solution. For instance, a sunken or constantly wet soffit may symbolise a leaking roof.

A sunken or rusty gutter may indicate poor drainage. Such problems require deeper investigation so as to deal with the underlying cause and not simply masking the problem. Our roofing experts have the skill and experience to deal with any roofing repair whether on asbestos, tiles, slate, flat, pitched or any other.

Roof Replacement

At Roofers Bristol UK, we take roofing replacement very serious. On average, a UK roof lasts between 15 and 25 years. However, the installation will only take a couple of days. This means that if the installation is done poorly, it may take some time for the problems to start being experienced. They will come in form of leaks, flaking paint, sunken sections, poor insulation, high energy cost and more.

To save you from the high cost of repairs and inconvenience, our contractors always ensure to do everything right from the word go. We are guided by the “Do It Right the First Time” principle. If you need a new roof installed, simply fill in the form above or give us a call to receive a free service quote.

Flat Roofing Bristol

We are experts when it comes to flat roofing and undertake new installation, repairs, and upgrades. From experience, we know that this roofing type is among the most popular options in the aerea. It’s loved for its simplicity, easy installation, and space-saving nature. However, due to its flat nature, it’s more prone to leaks compared to other options such as pitched/sloped roofs.

Our specialists will help you design and install a new roof, repair some sections, and also undertake a general inspection to verify its structural integrity. We only use materials that meet the minimum recommended industrial standards and the best techniques. You also get warranty and insurance on the service.

Pitched Roofing

We are acknowledged as one of the leading roofing contractors in Bristol when it comes to pitched roofing. In the last 20 plus years, we have installed many new roofs in the region as well as surrounding and also repaired quite a lot. We work together with leading manufacturers and vendors who supply us only the best products.

Similar to flat roofs, we offer single, dual and triple (three-layer) systems depending on the need at hand, type of building, and customer preference. We also incorporate insulation boards whose thickness ranges from 50 to 200mm, underlayment, abutment, sheathing and related accessories. And to give you peace-of-mind, we offer a guarantee on all our work and the products come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Roofing Contractor in Bristol    01172 900264

Gutters, Fascias and Soffits 

We offer fantastic service in regard to the roof trim. As any Bristol roofer will tell you, the gutter, fascia, and soffit play a critical role in the functionality, value, and aesthetic appeal of your property. While looking simple, these accessories will influence how reliable your roof will be, its longevity, and also the overall worth of the home.

Our experienced contractors can handle any chore and will help you choose the best product for your home. We assist property owners in finding the best product that will complement the building and can withstand the elements. To further understand the kind of gutters, fascia, and soffit we deal in or have installed give us a call on 01172 900264.

Chimney Repair Bristol

We pride on being amongst the respected roofers in regards to chimney repairs and rebuild. Over time and due to normal wear and tear, exposure to the elements, poor maintenance, use of wrong materials, or an accident, the chimney will become less reliable or even breakdown. It may start to leak, restrict the smoke and fumes channels, or begin to crumble. We carry out complete reconstructions, partial reconstructions, total rebuilds, brick chimney repairs, roof lineup rebuild and much more.

The extent of damage or deterioration influences the nature of the repair or rebuild. For instance, a small damage or a missing brick only requires partial repair and may not need scaffolding. However, if the bricks and mortar have greatly deteriorated a restoration job will probably be needed. A total rebuild will also be needed if the chimney is weak or slanting. Our specialists will always guide you on the most feasible solution.

 Bristol Roofers

Finding reputable roofing contractors in Bristol shouldn’t be a daunting exercise. You don’t need to spend lots of time or waste too much energy looking around. Also, you shouldn’t watch your roof or chimney deteriorate. What you desire is a credible, experienced, skilled and licensed roofer. 

Bristol Roofers prides on being a leader in this industry. We have been around for more than 20 years, are a local family owned business, and offer a wide range of services. We rely on dedicated specialists who possess lots of hands-on experience to tackle any job. You should talk to us for any roofing job whether new installation, flat roof, pitched roof, or any work on the chimney, fascia, soffit, or gutter.

Visit our offices on Monday to Saturday from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm, send us an email at, or call us on 01772 900264. You can also view our services and interact with us via For a free service quote, kindly fill the form below. Talk to us and experience what stress-free and reliable roofing service in Bristol is about.

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Climate Protecting Roofing Materials

A rooftop is one of the greatest ventures that a mortgage holder makes in their lifetime. That is on account of the fact that roofs shield families from peril. Perilous conditions, for example, wind, rain, snow, and others are made sure that they remain firmly out from getting into the inside. There are loads of roofing materials available today that will ensure that the inside of your home is protected.

In the winter, there are impacts of snow and rain and can possibly hurt the rooftop. There are materials out there that are speedy and effective methods for securing the rooftop’s lifespan. An unmistakable single tile item is intended to suit the surface contrasts of different materials:

Asphalt is a common material used in the line or roofing works, but is usually left for flat top roofing and requires specialist engineers to lay, repair and install this type of roofing.

Wood tiles are popular as they are seen to be eco friendly and can give a nice aesthetic feel to a building

Slate is very popular in the UK and varies from really old “rag slate” to the inexpensive brazilian slate tiles which are being used so much in new build developments these days.

Metal, usually in the form of corrugated sheets can also provide a solid and weather resistant surface. Usually reserved for commercial buildings and sheds rather than domestic houses as the finished visual effect is not always appealing.

Roof Coating

The rise of the home improvement market in the UK has created a need for a product that can preserve the life of your roof. All sorts of coatings have been developed and this “waterproof” painting is likewise another, economical, method for protecting the life of roofing materials. An appropriate covering will keep dampness and creepy crawlies out of the dry and breaking materials for quite a long time. Elastomeric painting can likewise diminish vitality costs. There are obviously all types of advantages of this kind of painting including the fact of its adaptable waterproof nature

In spite of the fact that these materials work to shield roofing materials from the climate; the main genuine approach to ensure roofing materials is through substitutions and repairs. An intensive rooftop investigation ought to be performed by any roofer Bristol residents understand that this needs to happen first.

A rooftop survey will give an account of the state of a rooftop. This incorporates the materials, blazing around the vents, edges, ridge, trickle edges, and tops. Likewise included is the state of the properties guttering, soffits and fascia’s.

A roof accreditation is issued when it is resolved that it will requests repairs. In the event that a rooftop does not require repairs, a roofing reviewer will give a gauge on the life span of the rooftop. These accreditations are useful for up to five years.

Rooftop repairs are required when you are never again working at 100%. There are bunches of purposes behind a rooftop to be repaired. Regardless of what sort of rooftop the property holder has; it is crucial for its safeguarding to be repaired for the accompanying reasons:

Weathering will eventually effect all roofs. Roofers in Bristol tend to encounter large amounts of corrosion caused by excessive amounts of water. Wind can also harm and break the structure of your property in particular the tiles which of course get blown off in high winds

Absence of upkeep

Overwhelming breezes are in charge of rooftop harm. Ordinarily, roofs are worked to withstand solid breezes, even the power of tornadoes and tropical storms. The air, from the solid breezes, pushes up from the base of a rooftop gathering. This releases latches and breaks the grip after some time.

Rooftop repairs might be required for any harmed rooftop. Repairs can develop a rooftop once more. On the off chance that the harms are excessively; a substitution might be required. Be that as it may, the maintenance are finished by proficient roofers who can shield a wide range of rooftops from future problems with the weather

It doesn’t make a difference what season it is; if your property ends up harmed or begins to pour in water, it needs repairs rapidly. The chilly climate seasons acquires bunches of snow which in the end transforms into water. The water can wind up harming a roof simply the same as spring showers do.

Additional alert ought to be taken when performing chilly climate roofing. In the event that the mortgage holder anticipates doing it without anyone’s help, the materials ought to be put away in a sheltered, dry place. Roofing tar or bond may likewise be required when performing chilly climate roofing.

Warm climates, which really we cant rely on too much here in the South West, can enhance the speed of deteriation when providing a constant baking heat on the surface of the tile. The sun can harm a rooftop simply the same as rain and chilly climate can. The warmth, from the sun’s beams, can blur or dry out tiles.

Without legitimate apparatuses, it can be difficult to do rooftop related work. Ice and stormy conditions make the most noticeably awful conditions for roofing. Proficient roofers can deal with the requirements of others and protect them from those and different risky conditions.

Regardless of whether its loose tiles got in a windstorm or the sun drying out black-top shingles; a rooftop ought to stay sheltered and secure. The maintenance can deal with that and more at whatever point an expert is called for.

Most Common Roofing Problems

Dealing with your roofing is a standout amongst the most vital assignments as a property holder. It can be anything but difficult to disregard and disregard your roofing since it is a kind of out of the picture, therefore irrelevant approach. In addition, excessively numerous property holders imagine that they will have the capacity to effectively recognize an issue with their housetop.

This essentially isn’t valid. Actually even a few specialists once in a while pass up a major opportunity for spotting potential issues with roofing. You require preparing, abilities and hands on involvement to have a superior comprehension of what to search for with regards to your housetop repair needs. Yet, recognizing this sort of issue early is vital to having the capacity to spare the auxiliary uprightness of your rooftop.

The absolute most basic roofing issues incorporate however are not constrained to:

Absence of Maintenance – Ideally, you should plan a yearly assessment of your roofing. You ought to likewise anticipate having an expert review following any extreme tempest occasions. After some time there are numerous things that turn out badly with your rooftop and you should be over dealing with it all the time. Buildup, listing or huge gaps are typically clear markers of a rooftop that has been disregarded.

Poor Inadequate and terrible quality Workmanship – This is one of the most noticeably awful offenses since it implies the mortgage holder really contracted somebody to take care of business. Shockingly, there isn’t much you can do to counteract it with the exception of insuring whoever you procure is respectable. An excessive number of shady contractors offer an occupation which at that point cuts corners since they will in any case get paid for finishing the activity and it will be quite a while before anybody finds what they did.

It can be easy to get away with poor quality workmanship as no customer will ever go up and inspect, however they will find out eventually when water starts to come in.

Weather Related Damage – Summer, spring, winter or Autumn any season can cause storm related harm. Hail, rain, overwhelming breezes, lightning or even broken branches would all be able to cause real roofing harm. Ensure following any climate related occasions you have your rooftop examined for conceivable harms. The window for recording a protection guarantee isn’t enormous and you would prefer not to wind up paying for these harms out of your own wallet.

Water coming in – No issue what kind of rooftop you have, if a hole appears you have an issue. Your roofing is intended to act like a cover on a holder. The reason for this cover is to continue to keep everything within the property nice and dry. Once a break bargains that whatever you can would like to do is settle it so as to limit the harm. There are any number of reasons that breaks can happen; the worry is distinguishing them in time and doing the repairs and tidy up in time.

Dampness – Although by and large dampness isn’t an issue without a hole being available this isn’t generally the case. Developed dampness however will cause issues particularly if left to rot after some time. Dampness will prompt mildew and damp buildup and the greater part of this will start to cause decay. The most exceedingly awful part is that it can form into a more profound issue on the off chance that it starts to likewise get into the dividers and represent a danger to the structure of the house.

Poor Installation – Like trashy maintenance work, some alleged proficient roofing contractors may simply observe the chance to profit. Or then again, far and away more terrible, somebody who isn’t qualified at all to go up against this sort of work may go up against the activity. It can take a long time to recognise an issue, however once it starts to cause issues it is for the most part past the point of no return for a convenient solution. In any event you will presumably need to totally supplant the rooftop.

Compared to other approaches, you can anticipate avoidable issues with your roofing by just working with trustworthy organisations. Ensure they are authorised and safeguarded and check their rating with the NFRC. On the off chance that at all conceivable additionally request references so you can address somebody who utilised this roofing organisation previously.