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Roofers in Bristol Announces 3 Main Advantages of Flat Roofing

Roofers in Bristol are eager to inform residents of the UK, especially for new homeowners to consider the beauty of having flat roofs.

As master builders and developers of flat roofing, Roofers Bristol uncovers the secret to maintain flat roofs and maximize their efficiency in both commercial and residential buildings. Since flat roofs are the most popular options in Bristol, Roofers Bristol notices the great benefits for building owners if they consider this type of roofing.

Residents in Bristol are very familiar with flat roofing. Flat roofs, as against “sloped” roofs are more commonly seen on commercial buildings. Technically, commercial buildings prefer flat roofs. Flat roofs are not absolutely “flat” in their sense, but a little angle or pitch is formed for water draining purposes.

Brief information on flat roofing

The integrity of flat roofing has been proven by residential and commercial building owners over the years. Though the materials used in flat roofing are cheaper than sloped roofs, it doesn’t degrade their integrity in terms of performance under the worst environmental conditions. What’s better good news is that contractors in Roofers Bristol ensure that their undertakings always carry the best industrial techniques.

3 Main Advantages of Flat Roofs

  1. Cost-effective—even if flat roofs require maintenance to check on seals, they are more favored in commercial buildings. It is easy for residential homes to have sloped roofs, but it is impractical for commercial buildings as the roofs of these buildings are wide. Sloped-roofs are not advisable for commercial settings because they pose a danger and difficult to install and maintain.
  2. Heat buster—with flat roofs, the temperature inside the home is more regulated due to the thickness of layer built underneath the roofing sheets used in flat roofs. The effect of UV rays and extreme heat from the sun that damages the exterior roof is less likely to penetrate the layers of flat roofs.
  3. More room for extension—with flat roofs, there is an ample room for space or expansion. Commercial buildings find this very convenient as their huge air-conditioning units and exhaust are strategically placed there without damaging the architectural aesthetics of the building. These flat roofs often serve as additional parking spaces. Residential owners who choose flat roofing can take advantage of the extended area as an outdoor landscape that can be converted into a rooftop garden. To make the home appear wider, extensions with flat roofing look sleeker and modern. Old roofing systems such as corrugated tin roofs are not allowed in some instances and in compliance with UK building codes against them.

Start your venture with flat roofing

For the last 20 years, Roofers Bristol and its tie-up with leading vendors have been delivering the best jobs around Bristol. They offer dual and triple-layer roof systems, based on a client’s preference and depending on the buildings best requirement.

If you plan to add a new roof to your property, know the types of roofs, whether flat or pitched. Roofing contractors will explain to you the pros and cons of each type and will assure you of quality works in case you have reached an agreement. Visit their website at