Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks?

What does roof coating have to do with leaks? Isn’t the roof enough to protect us from any form of environmental hazard? How can it serve its purpose if it is vulnerable to leaks after all?

The roof is the frontline against harsh weather. The roofing system should be weatherproof and waterproof. When it is poorly built, it will start to give room to leaks. Roof coating enhances the waterproofing effect on the roof, but it is not a guarantee that the coating will find its way to leaks and seal them. If the roof leaks are not corrected, roof damages could be somewhere else. It is recommended to identify the cracks, have them repaired and dried before applying the coat.

Roof coating is purposely applied to make the roof watertight. What type of roofs requires coatings? A roof coating is more applicable to flat roofs. Flat roofs use earth sheltering and are more susceptible to humid. Poor workmanship on roof membranes gives way to high humidity, making the roofing system prone to growth of moulds, eventually damaging the roof extensively. Mould and bacteria slowly corrupt rafters and other wood membranes in the attic. Hence, roof coating retards the spread of mould and prevents water seepage.

Roof coating process defined

Roof coating, when already applied, protects and extends the life of a roof and its assemblies. Flat roofs with single-ply membranes, gravel and tar (BUR), bitumen, EPDM, metal, and spray polyurethane are perfect to have coatings. Roof coatings serve as a shield against water, UV rays, and wind and prevent the roof from rapid ageing.

What can you benefit from a roof coating?

Roof coatings provide better strength than paint when it comes to adding a protective property to the roof. They have elastomeric properties that serve as a thick film for sealing up seams and cracks. Roof coatings conform effectively in reference to the type of the roof and what it requires.

  1. Roof coatings let you save money—Frequent repairs on leaks and cracks are more expensive than spending one-time big time for a roof coat. Letting the professional roofers handle the application of coat is a cost-effective way of keeping the roof durable against damage. A roof without a coat is more costly when frequent repairs is called for, especially when the issue leads to roof replacement. Installing a new roof is an expensive undertaking than having the roof coated instead.
  2. Saves you energy—A reflective roof is an energy-efficient roof as it releases the heat coming from the sun. Energy efficiency is useful in cooling the interior of a building, because roof coating reflects the heat away, causing the building to utilise less energy. Roof coating also contributes to the city in terms of energy efficiency by reducing the heat due to the urban island effect. The urban island effect is a modern environmental problem due to the increasing population and structures to shelter the people. Given the high demand for energy by the buildings in an urban setting, air condition units, exhaust, and vents are all working simultaneously and emit huge amounts of heat into the atmosphere. With roof coatings, smog and carbon footprint emanating from various roof waste will be mitigated.
  3. Extends the life of your roof—Although roofs by themselves stand for years not less than 10, roof coats can do a lot more. They minimise roof repairs, fix leaks, seal cracks, repel heat, adding strength to the roof. However, for efficient coating, the application should be done by experienced roofers because they have a better understanding of roofing engineering. Roof coatings also wear and fade away, a re-coat is a smart idea to maintain the roof’s integrity. Although the coatings do not last for a lifetime, they could at least expand the years of the roof from its real age. Ask your trusted roofer for an efficient and quality roof coating available in the industry.
The urban island effect: Flat and commercial roofings with roof coating lessen the impact of heat emission.

Roofers in Bristol offers roof coating

If you wish to have your roof coated, you can search for more information from our staff. Roof coating is an effective method in preventing leaks, but if handled by substandard workmanship, the quality of the coat will be discredited. Also, roofers know what roof coating type applies to every roof, and they will investigate underlying roof errors your building has prior to the application.

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