Keeping Your Roof in Well Maintained

Your roof is what separates the ruthless UK weather from destroying your property and making you live in uncomfortable conditions!

The roof is the upper most perimeter of the property and it will keep your home structurally sound for many years to come if you just keep a close eye on the maintenance and not let your roof disappear into a shoddy mess. If you leave your roof without proper care for many years then it will end up costing a huge amount as it will likely need a full replacement.

This article gives you some pointers on how to maintain your roof.

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  1. Notice Problems Early on

Obviously leaks and water coming in is a good indicator that something is wrong. But it is all too common for homeowners to be apathetic in getting the situation sorted, this leads to proper water damage which is hard to resolve. Early signs before the leak are holes and missing tiles that may have blown off the roof. All we say is, call in a roofer quickly before noticable damage is done.

The other inspection that is needed is your areas with roof sealant. If there is any wear and tear or crack appearing then complete removal of the old sealant, followed by carefull application of new is required. We recommend getting a pro roofer to help with thesee issues particularly if the work is at height.

2. Inspect for Rust.

Metal roofs are rare in the UK but if you have one then regular checking for rust is required. If there is any rust then it will need to be primed before repainting.

3. regular cleaning and Maintenance

We don’t mean that you have to get up and clean your roof every week, that is just not realistic. But if you get it cleaned just once or twice a year you will dramatically extend the life span of your roof and stop many problems that can arise ion the future. Again, use a proper roofer who knows what they are doing!

4. Other maintenance tips

Sweep off any debris or leaves you can see

Keep all the guttering free of moss algae and weeds growing

Keep nearby trees and branches trimmed to prevent fallen wood from damaging your roof