10 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring Roofers in Bristol

If it is your first time to hire a roofer

Because your home is newly bought or your roof has leaking problems or any other issues, hiring a roofer can be a daunting task. You sort through the yellow pages or browse the web for the nearest building contractor in your area. Obviously, having found one on the Internet will make you quickly believe that that one is good enough for the job, for who would think that this company might not a reliable roofer in the first place?

Contractors in Bristol Answer Your Questions

Yes, it is truly tiresome looking for that “reliable” contractor but the rewards of finding the right one, being trustworthy and all, is a reward of a lifetime.  When it is compromised, it is difficult to replace it or to make repairs, plus it involves a lot of spending on labour and materials. Hiring the most reliable roofing bristol contractors in the UK is a task you should never get tired of..

  1. Do you have a license?  A  license is a valid proof of one’s expertise. Anybody can claim to be a roofer or a building contractor, and refusal to divulge if he is qualified to undertake the job means you can suspect that he is a fraud. Also, a license is a requirement in some states before a roofing contractor can work.
  2. Are you insured? A contractor working in your premise without insurance from the roofing company he is connected will give you more trouble in the event of injury during fieldwork. You don’t want to be responsible for unnecessary bills that result from injury. The insurance will serve as your protection, too.
  3. Are you hiring subcontractors? When the work involved is complex, some contractors hire subcontractors to carry out the job fast. However, you have to take precautions on subcontracting and ask assurance from your contractor who’s paying who.
  4. Do you have a physical office address or a telephone number other than the one I used to contact you? There are many fly-by-night contractors. If you doubt the legality of the operation of the builder that arrived at your home, verify his office address and call such office to check.
  5. Do you offer a warranty? When considering the cost of new tiles or entire roof replacement, it is smart to ask for warranty. Remember that your old roof has somewhat used up the warranty, and if there are remaining years, they are likely shorter than the one your roofers are going to replace.
  6. Will you replace the old roof? Ask if they are going to remove your old roof. You expect your roofers to make a visual inspection before they make repairs. The essence is that they will spot problems that need fixing so that when they install a new roof, you’ll have no worries of uncompleted jobs.
  7. Can you provide me with a quotation? After inspection, you expect your roofing contractor to provide you with a quotation of the total costs expected to incur, such as labour in removing the old roof, labour on new installation, material costs, and additional labour fees.
  8. Do you bring with you general liability insurance? It is easy to say yes if you are the contractor. However, homeowners are keen on protecting their property. It happens at times when contractors accidentally damage something during the process of installation of repair and they don’t bring with them a certificate of liability.
  9. What is my assurance that you will be back and complete the job when there is inclement weather? Inclement weather cannot be avoided. Once the job starts and suddenly rains or snow, the operation must stop. You need assurance from your roofers what they will do when the harsh condition dies down.
  10. Do you have a project manager or a  foreman that I can talk to when I have questions? When the scene is too busy or you’re out of the house to oversee the roofing works, you seek for an available person or reliable foreman to whom you can ask questions related to their works.

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