Roofers in Bristol Achieve Industry Accreditation for High Standards

Trade Membership in The Construction Industry

By joining forces with DRE Roofing in Bristol the contractors of this organisation can be proud that they have been vetted and approved by the Federation Of Master Builders and will continue to strive for high standards and top quality workmanship within the roofing industry.

The trade association scheme offered by the FMB was established in 1941 and it has become the industry recognised standard in the building trade. Their members are regarding as being the most reliable companies in a customer’s area and construction customers seek out the trade members that have been vetted and approved by the FMB.

What Benefits Does That Give a Roofer?

The best value of being a member of the FMB means the building contractors you use, in this case, Roofers Bristol UK partnered with DRE Roofing, can offer the homeowner an opportunity to have a warranty provided for the work. This gives peace of mind and a guarantee that helps in the event of something going wrong. The customer protection when conducting expensive roof replacement work and can often be the make the deciding reason to choose a particular roofing contractor. It ensures the building firm has the correct licenses for providing this type of roofing work and has workers that will always provide a high standard of building jobs.

Making Sure The Contractors Are Financially Sound

The act of joining a trade association was discussed in a blog post on the companies website. They were asking their readers to consider a question when choosing a roofer for their house.

Here was what they had to say

Would you use and trust a company to replace your roofing structure if they do not have a legal foundation in place? If they have overlooked this important part of business regulation then what else are they missing on?

Organisations that neglect to execute B2B credit value stipulations before going up against another client will hurt their capacity to pay their own bills. As opposed to taking that risk, organisation pioneers ought to guarantee the clients they are going to work with have their funds altogether and will have the capacity to make their installments in an auspicious manner. This ensures your organisation’s own monetary wellbeing won’t be put in danger in the event that you join forces with a firm that doesn’t pay what is owed.”

Many roofers don’t join any accreditation service and others opt for industry-specific organisations like the CORC. But following on from the quote about being financially sound they also highlighted the need for getting a high-quality job done.

In the post they remarked:

“There are many landmines in roofing. Not literally of course, but in the finding of high quality, reliable roofing operators. Unfortunately, the industry is littered with cowboy outfits and consumers of roofing services are getting caught out. One of the ways you can help find a roofer to trust is to use one of the trade organisations that aim to verify and regulate the industry and offer roofing companies that can deliver on promises.”

Find A Recognised Contractor in Bristol

If you live in Bristol and need roofing work it would be recommended to having a quote provided by a building and roofing firm that has taken the time to go through this approval process because it shows they have pride in what they do and want to be recognised for being at the highest standards for the industry.