Roofing Contractor in Bristol Explains Contracts

It is important when instructing any kind of building work that the correct agreement, between yourself the customer and the contractor, is in place prior to the work commencing. This is especially important for repairs to the roofing Bristol residents can often be not able to see from the ground. It can be easy for them to be mislead and left without the proper paperwork to give them added protection.

Roofers Bristol UK Explaining The Contract

This local Bristol Roofer states on a recent blog post on their website

“A contract is a written agreement between two parties with legal binding. It is important that in every deal or project, for example, a roof replacement or even a repair, the roofing contractors you hire will issue a contract upon taking the job. The essence of ‘contracting’ is when roofing professionals engage in a legal business. Without the contract, the whole project is unsecured. Meaning, whatever fixing they did on your roof, you have no right to run after your money when their works go sideways. Poor workmanship, workers’ welfare, and warranty should all be included in the contract.”

Your Contract with Your Roofer in Bristol Should Contain The Following

On the informative article found here – What should a Roofing Contract Include 

They discuss the following important parts of the contract –

1. Length of the project—Reliable roofing contractors will stipulate in the contract the length of the project; and this should include weather impedance and inclement. The duration of the project is crucial for the homeowner

2. Details of the project—A written description if the job is a detailed format where a homeowner has the luxury to know what’s going to take place when the project begins.

3. License and insurance—A legitimate roofing contractor must have a license to operate. He must also ensure that when the project starts, he is liable to any of his staff for whatever happens in the site. When one of his roofers met an injury or any accident, the insurance will cover up for such instance.

4. Warranty—Without a warranty, you will always find yourself spending on repairs. Any roof damage that keeps coming back is hurtful to the pocket.

5. Payment—Payment details should be in full transparency. It should be included in the contract the terms of payment with regards to the cost of the project. Poor workmanship can be a ground for non-payment, and this should be stated in the contract, too. When the contractor demands payment beyond what is agreed upon, you can always dispute. 


The key thing to remember when hiring a roofer in Bristol  is that you must read through the paperwork clearly and ask about anything you are unsure about. Whether you are getting a completely new roof installation or repairs done to your gutters, soffits and Fascias it is better to be safe than sorry.

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