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We offer a free consultation to inspect and survey your roof so that you ca make the informed decision on whether or not your roofing needs replacing or repaired. This isn’t always a straight forward decision but we will provide the advice you need and the cost implications of all options available to you.  Making the correct decisions ensures that your home will be safeguarded against any future issues, giving you piece of mind and ensuring you and your family are safe and sound with a high performance roofing system.

There are always a few options including retiling and repairing the broken area, reroofing just one side, roofing over the top of the existing roof or…… just stripping down everything that is there and starting again with a brand new roof. In most cases there is no right or wrong answer, it’s usually a question of budget and whether you plan to keep or sell the property in the near future.

Our expert team have fitted and installed all kinds of new roofs and have the knowledge to create roofing masterpieces!

All around the city and surrounding areas there are old roofs that are at the stage in their lives where they are starting to feel a little tired! We know that when there is a decent rainfall our phone will start to ring with dozens of requests for inspections and surveys because water is coming in. The roofing they have in place is not working and they are starting to worry about the internal damage that is caused by water leaks.

We offer a call out service that will aim to get your property back to its normal waterproof state in as little time as possible. Our team of surveyors will pinpoint the problem and recommend the best and most affordable course of action. We offer very good rates and will always use only the best materials for repair to insure the problem will not come back.

Call us as soon as you notice the issue, don’t delay because we all know that big rain storm is only just around the corner in this country!

Flat roofing in the UK is a specialist service. Due to large volumes of water and the seasonal shift in temperatures a flat roof has to be built and laid with a level of expertise that not all roofers have experience of. Roofers Bristol UK have a specialist team who have the skills required to sort out flat roof problems and installing brand new flat roof systems.

When a leak starts to penetrate the surface of your flat roof the damage often goes unnoticed for some time. Water can penetrate through the external membrane and seep into the decking below before it will start to come through internally. This often means that by the time we have come to visit and inspect the roof, all the ply board is completely rotten and major roofing surgery is needed!

A common reason of leaking and water damage on a flat surface like these is the lack of a proper gutter or drainage system. Or the existing drainage has become blocked with debris or leaves.

If you have any doubt over your flat roof be sure to have us come and look as soon as possible to limit the damage you have to deal with.

Guttering is a key part in the water management of your properties design. A gutter on a roof does a simple job. It directs the rainwater away from the core fabric of the building and into the drainage below. As a roofing company the repair, maintenance and installation of gutters is a core part of what we offer to homeowners.

Fascia’s run below the gutter which then join onto the soffits which are the underneath side of your roofing ridgeline. All three elements work as one to create the seal between the roof and your house. Often the leak of a property can be caused by damage or poor installation of these parts of your structure so they need to be dealt with by industry experts who know how and where these important roofing structures need to be installed.

Look no further and save yourself time, hassle and indecision by coming directly to us for any problems or installations of your gutters, soffits and fascia.

Our team of highly skilled contracting professionals can also take care of masonry work, flashing, lead work and basic chimney maintenance. Whether it is restoring and existing chimney or the construction of a new fireplace system then we will deliver that service.

Our crew pay particular attention to the quality and workmanship of such works ensuring that you are left with building work to be proud of. The key element in chimney work is how it is sealed and bonded with the roof, we see countless issues all the time where this has not been done correctly. This will always lead to leaking problems in the future, so please trust us as the experts to get this right first time so once the install or repair has been completed you have piece and mind for many, any years to come.