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Chimney Repair Bristol

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Chimney Rebuilt and Repaired by Bristol Contractors

Does your home need a new chimney? Are you seeing missing bricks, leaks and mortar ready to say goodbye? Is your loft filled with moisture and rotten woods?

If more “yes” is for these questions, then you may need a chimney repair. And, we are ready to help.

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The chimney in your home is another important structure that should be given proper cleaning and maintenance. Your chimney was built in order to serve a particular function in releasing harmful gases through the air coming either from a fireplace or any appliance that is attached to, such as a wood stove.

Chimneys work in three significant ways:

  • Remove exhaust gases from boilers and keep the flow of air
  • Discharge poisonous gases so that they won’t harm the surrounding air
  • Supply the right amount of air to the fireplace for proper combustion

How chimneys protect you

Without a properly working vent in chimneys, fuel, gas, or oil coming from your fireplace or fuel appliance will not be released properly.  Carbon monoxide, for example, is just one of the hazardous gases that can come from combusted products. The functionality of the chimney, the health of its flue, and the integrity of the entire column that surrounds the brickwork are crucial for human health. When the chimney fails, the carbon monoxide accumulated can cause harm, illness, or even death, as it spreads through the house when there is inadequate venting.

Chimneys also play a vital function in protecting your home from fire. Overheated flues coming from fireplaces can enter through cracks in the clay, damaging flue liner and mortar joints, leaving holes for igniting fire against the framing members or the chimney.

Factors of chimney failure:

Chimneys can become blocked due to many possibilities. If the vents are blocked, there will be insufficient venting. 

  • Deteriorating structure or masonry
  • Collected bird manure or nests
  • Overaccumulation of carbon monoxide that enters into chimney vents and produces moisture
  • Accumulated creosote on the inner walls can become a fire hazard

What can be done

Frequently, when homeowners report on repairs, chimney problem is one of them. The good thing is that professionals in Roofers Bristol UK handle all these kinds of delicate jobs because they have a critical understanding when a structure is still good or reliable.

Under safety and fire protection codes, chimneys, especially the old ones, should be checked for their significance against the dangers of fire. Plus, the surrounding parts or those directly connected to the structure should also be inspected and evaluated.

Like the roof and its members, the chimney needs regular cleaning and periodic maintenance to keep its integrity along the years of usage. It is strongly recommended that professional cleaners handle the repairs and checkup because they understand better when the chimney needs cleaning, repair, or replacement.

Knowing how your chimney in your home works is essential, but the help of an expert is leaves a great relief when safety is your concern. It is better to spend than to spare a life just because of negligence. Hence, calling us to handle any roofing project, including the chimney, is the best and safest decision you can make.


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