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Is flat roofing a popular choice of a roof in the UK? How do you find a flat roofing style?

Traditional roofs have steep pitches—this type is common to residential settings. But for commercial buildings, it’s a little awkward to employ pitch-roofing styles. In establishments with a wider area, flat roofing is more appropriate but have very low sloping.

Using flat roofs as replacement is quite a challenge. However, they offer a significant convenience and many advantages if your building is appropriate for a this system.

Facts and Pros of Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are horizontal and flat in appearance, but they are not totally flat. If it is so, it may not be able to run off water down the gutters. Imagine a roof entirely flat, where would the water go? Or if the snow de-iced, what would hold the melted snow? The gutter system of every roof is integral to its function. Since flat roofs drain slower than a conventional roof, this does not mean it will do away with the gutters.

However, flat roofing may only be applicable to certain structures. The flat roofing system owns plenty of advantages over its applicability on the types of buildings. 

DRE Bristol Roofers, in servicing many customers in residential and business settings, handles projects both on pitched and flat roofing. They find flat roofing’s many advantages considerable for commercial and row house-typed homes.

  • Flat roofing system easier to design and maintain on commercial buildings. It is impractical for these types of building to use steep-sloped roofs  due to the wide space they occupy.
  • Best for residential row-type homes.
  • Additional space is useable for ventilation and refrigeration equipment. Flat roofs can accommodate such components, especially in dense urban settings.
  • These systems are energy efficient. Some flat roof materials are environment-friendly, giving you more savings.
  • Flat roof installation is quicker and much easier, so you save on labor costs.
  • Solar panel installation option is best for flat-roofing designs. Plus, it is less dangerous climbing a roof as a flat roof does away with high-pitched slopes.
  • Design on a flat roof can be endless. The space is open for multi-purpose planning, and you can even convert your flat roof into a garden.
  • Flat roofs offer stability and aesthetic appeal.

In the UK, flat roofing is a specialist service. The installation should be handled by highly experienced builders. Seasonal shift in temperature occurs in the UK, where large volumes of water can accumulate fast on the roof. Our roofers Bristol understand this phenomenon and that such weather inclement is imminent in the area of Bristol.

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