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What do gutters, fascias, and soffits have got something to do with your roof?

They may look as non-essentials on your roof, but do you know that these three roof components complete your roof’s functionality? Without them, your roof may stand on its own because of other several important components, such as the rafters and eaves but the protection it is expected to bring over your head is complementary with the gutter, fascia, and soffit.

On the aesthetic point of view, fascias and soffits make your home attractive and filled with value. Architectural concepts always play around the style and appeal of the roof to your home through the passing time. So these, too, should be given due considerations when it comes to design and functionality. More importantly, replacing the old ones will support the integrity of your roof against water damage. Gutters, on the other hand, should be kept clean and free of clutter to allow the water to drain smoothly.


The soffit is literally a board installed hidden under the fascia. It serves as a seal between the rafter and the edge of the ceiling. Not all roofs have soffit, and you’ll know it if you look above and stand just underneath the overhang of the roof you’ll see the soffit. It basically looks like a covering with a certain design. Since soffits are exposed to moisture, they should be made of a material that will withstand moisture, heat, and water. Wooden soffits are no longer recommended as they would easily rot or decay, leaving the overhang of the roof compromised.


The fascia is the exposed part of the roof mounted to the edge of the rafters. Fascias are usually made of plywood but have been replaced with materials that can withstand moisture intrusion. It is built to seal and protect the roof and the gutter.


Gutters basically hold water and other debris coming from the roof altogether. It is important to keep gutters clutter free, such as dried leaves, broken tree branches, snow, and any other element that will hamper the flow of water down the pipes to the drain. If rainwater collects to the gutter, it will cause further damage to the other parts of the roof.

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