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Roof Installation Bristol

Does your home need a new roof? Are you seeing broken tiles and fallen facias, and gutters and soffits ready to say goodbye? Is your loft filled with moisture and rotten woods and other members of the ceiling?

If more “yes” is for these questions, then think about getting a new roof! And, we are ready to help.

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DRE Bristol Roofers have been in the roofing industry for 20 years and counting. The stability of our business in serving Bristol residents and surrounding areas in all their roofing needs have paved the way for us to become one of the leaders in our craft.

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Why do you need to reroof your home?

There are signs and astounding reasons why your home needs to be furnished with a new roof. Roof replacement is, in fact, a costly venture. Knowing how old your home will also tell you how many years your roof has been standing there giving you shelter all those years, through inclement weather.

Unless you soon feel a leak over your head, you will not realise the negatively profound impact of damage in your roof. At least twice a year inspection should be conducted as seasons have a tremendous effect on the wear and tear of your roof.

Check for damage and signs. When you have spotted these indications, it’s better to call your friendly roofing contractor.

  1. Leak in the attic—this area in your home is the second line of defense against roof decay. On top of the roof, you may not suspect damage, but looking or checking at the eaves and layers underneath the roof, you will see how much moisture has entered and crawled on the walls of your home. Also, if streaks of light or sunlight are coming through, it’s a sign of a leaking roof.
  2. Sagged roof—try looking from afar and see if your roof is standing firm. An old roof will sag in time. Sagging boards mean the roof has moisture trapped on the lowest points of the bend. When your roof appears drooping, the boards might already be rotten due to negligence or old age.
  3. Broken tiles—what could be more frustrating than seeing your roof tiles broken in patches. This happens when heavy storms strike your roof. A roof that has incomplete tiles, blocked gutters, and broken downspouts, it’s high time to do a major roof repair.

You need to have an informed decision about whether your home requires reroofing or repair. New homes with newly installed roofs with a lifespan of 20 years need maintenance and repair rather than replacement.

Let your reliable roofer inspect and assess your home. Roofers in Bristol UK have skills on a professional level and industry licensed to handle simple and complex roofing jobs. When in doubt, our friendly staff is more than happy to answer your questions on every roofing matter.

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